SALAMSHAHEED.COM is an individual effort and has been initiated by the support of an IT services company Elevation Communications.  We ask you to light a VIRTUAL CANDLE (free) for all the victims of terrorism and help us light 10-Million candles. The aim of this project is to give tribute to all the victims of terrorism and their suffering families.  Pakistan & the people of Pakistan has suffered due to terrorism more than any country in the world.  This portal will be an information center for all and the details of the victims in form of their personal details along with the details of their families.

There are three phases of this project:

Phase-1 we & our team is trying to create a database of the victims with the help of their friends and families and once we have few details the project will be launched in media throughout the world.  

Phase-2 we will ask whole world to light 10 Million virtual candles with us for these victims and to realize the sufferings of Pakistan.  

Phase-3 we will try to ask donors and supporters to supprt the families of all these victims wherever they are.  To eductate their children & support them any way possible.

This project is an ongoing project and please support us by sharing our work and noble cause BECAUSE WE REMEMBER......!


Whevever any such bad incident happens, all media makes is a breaking news and by next all is fogotten, people gather at incident spot and leave some flowers and burn few candles and in few days we all get back to work, forgetting all victims and their families.  SALAMSHAHEED.COM on a unique concept project and would ask every human being to light a candle for all the victims and we will make sure that their candles stays lit throughout the life.  These are virtual candles and has never been lit before.  As a token of appreciation issue a customized certificate to every person who light a virtual candle for the victims of terrorism.

We are in constant need of everybody's support and feedback, please spread our cause to all your friends, colleagues & families to light a virtual candle on this website.

More detaild information on SALAMSHAHEED.COM is coming very soon.  In the meantime, If you have any questions or queries, pllease send all your feedback at